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Check out the achievements of some of our volunteers from 2019:.

Volunteer Training Report 2019

Why volunteer? Our floor staff get asked this question every day. If you’ve come to this page, you probably already have an idea. To meet interesting people, open your horizons and explore your gifts with others – an experience at Kinfolk is more than washing dishes. 

Meet Geetha – Kinfolk’s longest standing volunteer.

Kinfolk owes its existence to the veritable army and community of volunteers who have built, refurbished and staffed this space. They are the busy bodies who work alongside our chefs and baristas, serving our customers with their own eclectic and warm take upon hospitality. You’ll find them minimizing the damage in the dish section, or peeking through the kitchen window blitzing smoothies and assisting the chefs in prep.

Fortunately, we are often overwhelmed with love. So long as you are eligible to help out once a week, during a rostered weekday shift, we don’t turn anybody away. But this means we ask for your patience as we place you on a wait list, just like our customers during a busy lunch.  You can check out our thrival kit to give yourself a head start!

When there is space on the team, we’ll drop you a line inviting you to an induction where we can introduce ourselves and describe the little details that make up a customer’s experience at Kinfolk. The kind of things you’ll find in the thrival kit above.

Click here to volunteer!